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SPC series ?

The “IMSA” inspired Super Production Challenge Series offers drivers of every calibre and budget, an opportunity to won a a championship. Over nine seasons, SPC has forged a racing niche that is the envy of motorsport in Quebec and Ontario, is at once one of the most accessible series, along with being one of the most competitive series found in the Canadian racing market.

Both amateur and semi-professional drivers can live their passion in a regulated and well organized environment with strict safety rules under the umbrella of Auto Sport Québec the ASN CANADA FIA representative in Quebec.

The races are sprint events ranging from 30 to 45 minutes and the Super Production Challenge is the only series of road racing in Canada with standing starts!!

To ensure that competition is fair, balanced and equal, all cars are equipped with modern, hi-techtechnology. All cars must be equipped with a data acquisition system that works by GPS. Allowing for the talent of the driver to be the measure of success, rather than budgets.

Since 2011, more than 16 different manufacturers have been represented in the Championship, 11 have won at least one victory.

The series imposes a restriction on the age of the cars admitted to the Championship which mirrors the currency of the Canadian automotive industry. All cars are required to use the ultra-competive BF Goodrich G-Force Rival S tires, — an official sponsor of the SPC Series.

The cars must retain a readily identifiable appearance of their street counterparts, however significant modifications to the suspension, brakes, chassis and engine, turn them into real racing machines.

The three


Fast, powerfull competition!

Super production


NEW FOR 2019
Power to weight ratio of 11 lbs/WHP
Performance monitered by GPS
Paddle shift and Dog Box accepted
BF Goodrich Rival S  Tyres
245/40/17 or 245/40/18
15 years or newer models



Power to weight ratio of 12 lbs/WHP
Performances monitered by GPS
4 to 6 cylinders
BF Goodrich Rival S  Tyres
225/45/15 or 225/45/17
15 years or newer models



Power to weight ratio of 25 lbs/WHP
Performances monitered by GPS
4 cylinders
BF Goodrich Rival S  Tyres
15 years or newer models
ExampleEcho Cup, Micra Cup, B-Spec & Honda Michelin

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